All-new Café Zero° Exxxpresso

All-new Café Zero° Exxxpresso

Café Zero° has re-invented the traditional espresso shot for people who want to stay switched on.

The new Café Zero° Exxxpresso is much more than a traditional espresso, it is a blend of intense coffee and crunchy ice crystals with a long lasting and powerful effect in one shot.

Designed to be shaken-up and consumed on the spot, this short, sharp shot of espresso fits perfectly into the lifestyle of young urban adults today. The high caffine content helps them stay alert and feel switched on, while the cooling effect of the ice crystals make it the ideal refreshesher when out in the city.

There are no compromises on flavour either, as the rich tasting drink provides a sensory explosion of coffee and ice when consumed. Biancamaria Sansone, Senior Global Brand Development Manager, says: “We expect the Exxxpresso will be a real eye opener for people, in both a mental and physical way. We’re providing consumers with a new ritual in out of home occasions. We want to see people across the country shaking-up and drinking their icy Café Zero° Exxxpressos.”

Café Zero° Exxxpresso is now available in select urban city bars across Italy, France and Portugal.