Café Zero° #EyesOpen

Café Zero° #EyesOpen

This summer Café Zero° joined forces with world-renowned street artist Peeta to launch a one of a kind street art project throughout the city of Milan.

Taking inspiration from the eyes of young people in the city and the stories behind them, the work is designed to showcase a portrait of Italy’s young generation and celebrate their positive and resourceful attitude, shining a light on what makes young urban-dwellers living in Milan today truely amazing.
The campaign kicked off with a three-day event in a trendy new area in Milan, with young artists invited to create their own artwork interpretation of #EyesOpen.

Following this, a Café Zero mobile van then began a “sampling tour” through the city to invite people watching the artwork creation to taste the Exxxpresso and to collect pictures of their eyes along the way. The campaign culminated with a two-day experiential event at the Milano Expo in July.
Over the course of the four-week tour 4,000 pairs of eyes were collected to create an online #EyesOpen piece of artwork.

This ambitious #EyesOpen street-art project was designed to remind people living in the city to keep their #EyesOpen to opportunities and never stop doing what they love.